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K-Cups which offer an easy and convenient way to brew coffee, is now available in Georgetown , Guyana.


Popular Beverage

Coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world.


Time to Consume

The ideal time to have a cup of coffee is 10:00 am.


Coffee Consumption

500 billion cups of coffee is consumed annually.

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Why K-Cups?

K-Cups offer an easy and convenient way to brew coffee. There are no beans to grind yet the coffee is always at its freshest because each K-Cup is airtight.

Just start the brewer and get your cup of java in 2 minutes. There are also no filters to buy or clean, and no glass carafes to break.

K-Cup Coffee machine, Buy for home

K-CUP Coffee Makers are used to brew any kind of coffee or tea. It is convenient for the lover of fresh coffee who is in a rush and wants to skip the messy part of cleaning up after.

Popular Product

Popular Product


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$20,000 / $21,000


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$21,000 / $22,000

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